Photo of Robert Teel

Rob Teel protects your intellectual property and helps you avoid infringing IP of others. For example, he will advise you on whether to protect your invention by patent and, when appropriate, he will help you develop commercially meaningful U.S. and foreign patent protection strategies. And once Rob secures a patent, he will assist in your efforts to monetize, defend, and enforce it. Should you become concerned about patent infringement, then Rob can advise you on that too—he is an experienced electrical engineer and can show you how to creatively exploit flaws in complex patents that might otherwise frustrate your business objectives. If he finds flaws indicating a patent was improperly granted, then he will provide solutions for invalidating that patent in, e.g., inter partes proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office or litigation before federal courts. He also applies his technical, business, and legal skills in resolving your licensing matters, with a particular emphasis on software and patent licensing. In general, his practice includes U.S. and foreign patent procurement, worldwide patent-portfolio management, patent opinions, product clearance and freedom-to-operate assessments, IP licensing, IP due diligence and transfers, and patent litigation.