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Nathan Morales is an experienced trial and appellate attorney. As a member of both the Stoel Rives’ global Privacy and Data Security practice and Litigation group, Nathan counsels and advises a wide range of clients on an array of privacy-related matters, including compliance with GDPR, CalCPA, and other federal and state regulatory regimes, assessment and management of third-party risk, and development of internal programs, policies, and procedures.

Nathan regularly advises and represents clients in connection with data breach and security incident planning; preparation and response, including internal investigations, notifications and public announcements; and regulatory reporting. And he represents businesses and individuals in privacy and data security disputes and litigation, particularly in putative class actions.

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Data breaches are on the rise.  So are the lawsuits that follow.  This has led to an environment where cyber-forensics service providers are more important than ever.  Clients seeking these services, however, often do so after becoming the unwilling victims of a data breach.  And those circumstances create uncertainty for protecting — either as attorney-client

If you manage a company that collects and otherwise processes personal data (which is just about every company, these days), you may need to protect your own pocketbook.  As governments across the globe continue to enact and enforce data privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity laws, data becomes more readily available, and the volume of incidents