WPA2 is the “secure” implementation option used by the vast majority of enterprise WiFi systems – other protocols have their own security issues, which is why everyone moved to WPA2. Unfortunately, researches have found a way to break that security.

The good news is, for most attacks the attacker has to be on the same access point for this to work, and this is a vulnerability that can be patched.  The bad news is, not every manufacturer has a patch out yet, and it’s not just WiFi routers that need to be patched – all the mobile devices that connect to WiFi (smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) will also need to be patched, to protect them if they connect later to a vulnerable system outside your environment.

CERT has this page up with a running list of affected products and links to their information pages.  This list is not comprehensive: if you don’t see your products listed, reach out directly to the vendor/manufacturer.